Sunday, October 12, 2008

Head Tracker using OpenCV Qt4 and OpenGL

Recently i have heard about ps3 face tracking capability in games. Then i have came across around some videos at youtube regarding this technology. There are many related to OpenCV which is a Image processing library from Intel. So i have written a small Head tracking application using haarcascades in opencv for detecting face and tracking; and Qt4 for the gui; and opengl for rendoring.

Its very imature and lots to improve on.
As for now it wont be able to track if you bend your head too much or turn too much. I need to learn alot about OpenCV and work on this more.

Possibilities by using this can be many. Integrate into a opengl 3dmodel viewer which rotates as you move your head to get a 3dviewing feel :). You can easily control mouse on a PC , so if u can able to write a module which can be integrated into current pc games like Counter Strike :D It would be great :).

Youtube Video link