Sunday, April 26, 2009


- A Frontend download manager for linux commandline accelerators.

I haven't found any good gui download accelerator. And i frequently use axel with firefox and its pain to have many windows opened at a time. And i have to save the url somewhere if i want to pause and restart the url later.
So i thought of making my own :D .I have written the program in Qt4.
My idea was to have a common GUI for most of the command line accelerators available for linux like
1) axel
2) proz
3) wget etc ......
I have integrated axel till now; Others are yet to be done.

Its not yet ready for a release, I have been working on it only for last 5 days.
As It is written in qt4, it can be used on all three major platforms,
Linux, Mac and Windows (might require cygwin for axel).

Here is a quick overview of how it looks.