Saturday, August 9, 2008

Qtopia phone edition on fedora-arm / arm arch

I wanted to test qtopia, but since i dont have real hardware that support embedded linux i compiled it for arm arch and tested on the fedora-arm running on qemu. have a look here
I compiled qtopia with the following configuration options, have a look at the doc files provided with the source , the options are straight forward.
../qtopia-opensource-src-4.3.2-snapshot-20080801/configure -separate-debug-info -little-endian -arch arm -no-telephony -no-modem -no-bluetooth -no-infrared -displaysize 170mmx130mm -prefix /opt/qtopia -extra-qtopiacore-config "-embedded arm -qt-gfx-linuxfb "
edit the qtopia-opensource-src/qtopiacore/qconfig-qpe.h if u want cursor, simply comment out the no cursor options in Qtopia core section.
do "make" and "make install" which will generate a folder called "Image" where u compiled; transfer the contents in the image folder to "/opt/qtopia" directory in fedora-arm linux ; remember that i compiled with prefix "/opt/qtopia".
start the qtopia phone edition (qpe) by issuing
/opt/qtopia/bin/qpe -qws
command in fedora-arm. Play around a little with the interface :).

Porting it to a real device may be difficult maybe a little tough (i have not tried yet) . U have to adjust the parameters like which /dev/xxx to use for what; shortcut keys etc ........ have a look at "/qtopia-opensource-src/device" folder create a new folder there with custom files and adjust the '-xplatform nameoffolder' to the name of that folder.

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