Thursday, January 15, 2009

Opencv on Beagleaboard !

I tested opencv on beagleboard for onboard image processing. The examples provides with opencv runs fine , but the performance is poor compared to a PC.

BeagleBoard (OMAP 3530, ARM Cortex-A8 600MHz, 128MB ram)
PC (Intel core2duo 2.13GHz, 1GB ram)

It took me about 4.4 sec on beagle for a simple facedetect example to detect all faces and around 0.35 sec on PC


Jadon said...

A few questions:
* Are you really running 600MHz?
* Are you making use of NEON via the compiler?
* Have you looked at using a compiler that better optimizes NEON code than GCC (which is not very good yet)?
* Are you using the DSP for inner-loop functions?
* Are you using single-precision for all floating-point operations?

I hope that you'll recognize that the OpenCV library came from Intel and has already been optimized on that architecture. I hope that you will join the developers optimizing that library for ARM Cortex-A8 and OMAP3 (including C64x+ and more).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I compiled the OpenCV for ARM (for the iPhone) and the cvHaarDetectObjects does not work, did you do something special during the linking for the ARM processor ?

Satendra said...

Hi Vijay,

I am playing around with BB for some time now. Facing a couple issues:
1. The USB OTG port doesn't seem to recognizing any peripheral. I did check the cable and it seems to be the correct configuration. I am in Bangalore, where did you get ur OTG cable from ?
2. I am trying to get OpenCV working on BB as well. Can you share openCV binaries for BB ?


Vijay Kumar Raju said...

Hi Satendra
1) OTG has mini-A (not mini-B)?, 4th and 5th pins should be shorted. I got mine from couldn't get the cable anywhere in chennai)
2) the problem can be that beagleboard can only 1.8v output, try connecting a external powered usb hub.
3) check with "dmesg"
4) lastly check is usb otg host is enabled in kernel

saurajit11 said...

Hi Vijay,
I've just got acquainted with OpenCV and there's a face recognition algorithm I'd like to run on the BB.
I'm working on windows....and all the documentation I've read is based on linux...could you point me to how I can get my program running on BB...And what about the xml files...any processing issues? Did you have to translate the opencv libraries...I'd really appreciate some help.


NIC1138 said...

@Jadon Where are those people optimizing OpenCV for OMAP and others? Is there a sourceforge project or something? What alternative compilers are there?

Arvind said...


Where did you purchase that Beagle Board?


Anonymous said...

plz give ur code.